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2014 6th Issue: Suggestions about the Cross-Strategy in the Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection industries in Gansu Province

Time: May. 23, 2014      Source: IEEPA

The following suggestions are encouraged by the achievements in the International High-Level Energy Conservation & Environmental Protection Industries Promotion Conference in Central and Western Regions (Gansu), aimed at building a green Silk Road economic belt and motivating development poles in the energy conservation and environmental protection industry. We put forward a saltatory strategy for the industry to help them take full advantage of the late start. We suggest we should build a platform, undertake the four major projects and evaluate the two demonstration zones, named as saltatory strategic actions of í░One Platform + Four Projects + Two Demonstration Zonesí▒. They are detailed as following:

I.Build a cooperation platform for energy conservation and environmental protection industry in the central and western regions

This platform is designed to highlight the role of market in resource allocations, particularly in the field of energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection and to prompt the government to do what they are supposed to do. The updating of industries and transformation of development mode will promote energy conservation and emission reduction, enhance the livelihood and lay a solid foundation for expanding domestic demand, maintaining steady growth, readjusting the structure and updating the Chinese economy. Eventually, the sustainable development will be realized and the goal of building up a comprehensive well-off society in central and western regions till 2020 will be reached.

1.Three varieties of combination

1)Combination of capital and projects. The platform is built for the fusion of capital and domestic, foreign and even international high-tech projects. We should let technologies and capital first land in Gansu province where they generate profits and realize win-win cooperation.

2)Combination of technologies and industry. Science and technology is the hidden productive force which must be transferred into real and visible productivity. Then the industrialization of scientific achievements is the solution, including industrial restructuring, optimizing and updating.

3)Combination of economy and ecology. A platform for ecological civilization building is necessary for promoting economic development and ecological construction simultaneously. It contributes to the perfect combination of production and our life quality.

2.Four priorities

1)Provide information. The information must be a basket of solutions proposed by organization experts after they consider the demands of supply side-capital providers and demand side-project runners. Ití»s unprofessional to provide scattered and unsystematic information that is easily accessible on the Internet and has not been processed through evaluation. Information provided should be capable of captivating both supply and demand sides and reflecting the above three combinations, effective enough to assist the project launching.

2)Set examples. Responding the call for demonstration circular economy throughout Gansu province, we need to set varieties of samples applicable under different occasions in the realm of industry, agriculture and husbandry. The platform will help domestic and foreign advanced enterprises to start business in Gansu, especially the enterprise union and technology innovation union, and start sample projects that are demonstrated in producing data, profits, patterns and establishing public reputation, which will facilitate future promotion in other central and western regions.

3)Set standards. As energy conservation and environmental protection industry is a cross-field emerging industry, standards of design, facilities, products, energy efficiency and recycling should be made in corporate level, union level, region level and industry level. These standards translated by scientific and technological achievements will normalize the industry development.

4)Establish a mechanism. The key is to keep the capital market motivated, explore more investment channels, mobilize enterprises and establish an incentive and restrain mechanism. No matter in founding an investment fund for energy conservation and environmental protection industry or guiding enterprises to set up a special private fund, efforts need to be made in marketizing the property rights structures, helping the technology owners, capital providers and project runners make profits and see prospects.

II.Give priority to the implementation of the four major projects

We suggest, in consideration of the conditions and demand of Gansu province, the demonstration task assigned by the government and the designated energy conservation and environmental protection plan, we should give priority to the implementation of the four major projects, i.e. the key construction project for energy conservation and environmental protection in Gansu province, the project of developing environment and agriculture circular economy, the integrated construction project for solar photovoltaic and the project for building a green-design promotion base.

1.key construction project for energy conservation and environmental protection in Gansu province

According to the National Development and Reform Commission in Gansu province, the listed tasks are to be done: a) energy saving reconstruction project; b) pollution abatement project, focusing on governing air pollution in major cities, accelerating the reconstruction projects of flue dust collecting, desulfuration and denitration; c) fuel gas circulation project; d) urban environmental infrastructure construction project, involving sewage disposal facilities, related pipe network project and recycling of household refuse; e) green construction project.


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