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2015 Annual Summit on Green and Low Carbon Transformational Development was held in Beijing

On January 17, 2016, IEEPA, UNIDO, UNESCO jointly undertook the ˇ°2015 Annual Summit on Green and Low Carbon Transformational Development ˇ°was held in Beijing. NSUH and HPCA participated in undertaking. The summit announced the formation of "ecological green low carbon development financial promotion centre", for enterprises to provide ecological green low carbon development transition with financial support, comprehensively promote and deepen the industry towards energy conservation and environmental protection and sustainable development of economy and environment.

The theme of the summit is "Thought leads to low carbon transformation, innovation drives green development, wisdom enlightens to the future". The background is accord with the direction of the construction of the state and society should transform into green low carbon development which was claimed in the 18 session of the Fifth Plenary Session. Under the leadership of the party, China's insistence on green development should be advocating the concept of ecology, green, low carbon, circulation and keeping the road of sustainable development.

Senior advisors of IEEPA:?Counsellor of the State Council; Former Deputy Director of Counsellor Officer Jiang Minglin Deputy Director of the Agricultural Committee of the 11th NPC; Former Executive Vice Minister of the Ministry of Agriculture Yin Chengjie, Chairman of Chinese Society For Environmental Sciences, Former Deputy Director of State Environmental Protection Administration(SEPA) Wang Yuqing, Former executive vice President of Tsinghua University; Deputy director of the national climate change experts He Jiankun presented in the summit.

Secretary General of IEEPA Li Junyang and representative of UNIDO Mr. Adegboyega Ajani, senior science officer in UNESCO Mr. Hans Dencker Thulstrup delivered speeches on behalf of the co-organizers respectively. Counsellor (Deputy Director-General Level) of the European Department of Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ni Xiaojing presided over the opening ceremony, President of the Overseas Chinese Federation for Organs Directly under the Authority of the CPC Central Committee; Former Vice President of the Central Party School Li Junru presided over the summit of high-level roundtable.

Chairman of the board of supervisors of state-owned key enterprises of the State Council Zhao Hualin ,Counsellor of the State Council; Former Deputy Director of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the PRC Ge Zhirong,Counselor of the State Council; Former Chief Engineer of Ministry of Land and Resources Zhang Hongtao ,the Chinese academy of engineering Hou Lian and leaders of strategic cooperation partner,President of Korea Climate& Environment Network Kim JaiokŁ¬Maldives Ambassador to China Mohamed Faisal,Chief Representative Office of the Ministry of Economy,;Minister of Mexico Embassy Jose Luis Enciso Manzo, Counsellor of Energy, Climate Change and Environmental Policy of Germany Embassy Martina Hackelberg, representative of Ambassador of Russia Alexey Kuzminykh, Counsellor of Economic Section of Poland Embassy Artur Gradziuk, Counsellor of the Embassy of Republic of Korea Ryu Changsoo, Counsellor of Commercial Section of Royal Norwegian Embassy Knut R. Sorlie and over 200 guests participated the summit.

The meeting shows the nearly more than 40 enterprises at home and abroad and green low carbon development achievements exhibition.

In opening remark of Mr. Adegboyega Ajan, he claimed that the year 2015 witnessed many major global events which underscore the recognition and the importance to pursue sustainable development through promotion of green and low carbon development. The main aim of the Paris Agreement is to keep global temperature rise during the 21st century at well below 2 ˇăC and drive efforts to limit temperature increases even further to 1.5 ˇăC. The agreement also aims to strengthen the ability of countries to deal with the impacts of climate change. UNIDO as well as other co-organizers of WEC together with IEEPA and UNESCO is happy have you in our midst to share ideas and exchange information on how to move forward the global agenda for green and local carbon development.

Hans Dencker Thulstru from UNESCO emphasized in his remark that: WEC has accumulated a lot of wisdom and experiences on environmental protection and the development of green low carbon.The theme of this yearˇŻs Summit relates to the dissemination of new low-carbon ideas and technologies, as well as the attainment of an accord - a balance - between environmental sustainability and economic development. The situation we face is quite simple: economic growth without environmental sustainability is not an option. During the past decades of rapid economic growth, this has perhaps not always been obvious. However, as the environmental costs of growth have increasingly become painfully evident, we now witness the integration of environmental sustainability into development strategies at all levels ¨C along with an increasingly visible place in policy discourse - in particular here in China. This is a very encouraging ¨C and urgently needed - trend. The or

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