Economic Development and Environmental Sustainability
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2015 38th Issue: Li Junyang: Gain Clear Water and Bule Sky,Develop Industy Economy Which Achieves Win-win With Environment

Junyang Li, Vice-Chairman and Secretary-General of IEEPA, attended the third Water and Nation¡¯s Security Forum in Diaoyutai State Guesthouse on November 9th, 2015,and gave a speech themed ¡°to gain clear water and bule sky,develop industy economy which achieves win-win with environment¡±

Junyang Li stated:environmental protection career needs to conquer the three mountains; water, atmosphere and soil. On the one hand, we must think about structural adjustment and source control, and on the other hand, we must ensure the needs of economic development. We must seek a fluid governance model. To realize our vision of clear water and a blue sky, we must speed up the industries that work to combines economic development and environment considerations.

The future of environmental protection is also the future of the nation. The core elements we must consider to realize our future include: the quality of our products, interpersonal trust and equality of opportunity.

Without the quality of our products, there will be no social value of production, because all product elements are from existing resources. The pollution caused by repeated production is significant. It can be said to be the source of all quality issues. To improve the quality of the product, as Zhengfei Ren said, we must ensure a reasonable space for companies to profit while keeping national regulations to ensure the quality of products production and sales. At no time should we relax or loosen the supervision and regulation of sales of the electric business platform.

All of the business market is based on the interests of the people. We cannot expect merchants to self-clean or self-examine. We cannot rely on manufacturers or sales channels, or electric business platform, because they have a self-protecting interest mechanism. It will be impossible to solve the problem if the athletes are also the referees. The core of all the buying and selling is the product itself; selling without having quality products is not only false prosperity, but it will also cause more waste and products which do not conform to the actual utility. It will also damage industries with high-end, high-quality transformation strategic target, creating the bad impression that made-in-China products are always made with poor quality and perform badly , making Chinese products in the harness of ¡®unbelievable¡¯. It will also, if continued, destory the earth's resources, causing immeasurable loss to the whole country. Society will enter a vicious cycle, continuing poor governance, pollution, increasingly depleted resources, and wasting limited resources. In the long run, it will greatly damage the fundamentals of energy conservation and environmental protection, which are also the source of our ecological environmental protection career.

In the future, competition between countries will guarantee that the people enjoy the ecological environment on the basis of production quality and technology. The quality of products is the base for the development of science and technology innovation.

It is necessary to our country and our society to act together to create equality of opportunity, so that we can maintain the benefits of small and medium-sized enterprises, businesses, manufacturers. Let them have the ability, the funds, confidence, and the hope, to struggle. In each link of production and life, we want everyone who is independently and spontaneously, using environmentally friendly means, environmentally friendly technology and technological innovation, to win more profits and become our manufacturing powerhouse.

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