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2016 40th Issue: Yuqing Wang: the sludge disposal is a prominent problem in the urban sewage treatment at present

Yuqing Wang ,chairman of the China Environmental Science Society ,said that the sludge disposal is a prominent problem in the urban sewage treatment at present. Many sludge disposal facilities in the existing sewage treatment facilities can not run normally, or have low efficiency, high energy consumption, high maintenance rate or other shortcomings. The composition and source of sludge from urban sewage treatment plant is more complex,which may contain poisonous and harmful refractory organics or  heavy metals .Piling up of sludge without scientific disposal can cause secondary pollution to the environment, which can bring new threat to people's health and social harmony. However, sludge is also a kind of important resources, it can be used after harmless treatment, and create wealth for the enterprise and society; South Korea's success guarantee system of sludge treatment project successfully provide good operation mechanism to the south Korean government and the enterprise, also has very strong learning value in China.

On March 27, 2016, in effort of both China and South Korea¡¯s city government and industry organizations,hosted by the China environmental science society, international energy conservation environmental protection association, and Daegu Environmental Corporation, undertaken by NS UH, HPCA and Korean Enbio co., LTD ," Chinese  and South Korean urban environment governance  technology and project cooperation meeting ,which put forward using from South Korea's guarantee of  success system for reference to solve the bottleneck for the development of energy conservation and environmental protection industry in China, to implement the PPP pattern promotion conference "was held in Beijing.

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