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2016 41th Issue: Meizi Piao: South Korea invested 560 billion RMB in the field of environment

On March 27th, 2016, Meizi Piao, South Korean environment embassy minister attended Chinese and South Korean Urban Environment Governance, Technology and Project Cooperation Meeting, which referred to South Korea¡¯s guarantee of success system to solve the bottleneck that has developed in the energy conservation and environmental protection industry in China. They also prepared to implement the PPP pattern to promote conferences hosted by the China Environmental Science Society, the International Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Association, and Daegu Environmental Corporation, undertaken by NS UH, HPCA and Korean Enbio co., LTD.

Meizi Piao said: Chinese government has been promoting cooperation between companies and the government regarding municipal traffic facilities, public services, urbanization, water conservation, environment and ecological protection since 2013. According to the Social Indirect Capital and Private Investment Law of Republic of Korea, South Korea, has had a similar experience, and has been encouraging private enterprise to expand social infrastructure since 1994.  South Korea invested 560 billion RMB in the field of environment over the last 20 years. Their investments cover such things as as sewage treatment, sewage facilities, urban waste, recycling sludge, and so on. South Korea''s guarantee of success system can be used as a point of reference for China''s PPT project guarantee system, and can better serve government and business partnerships.

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