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Li Junyang, vice president and secretary-general , visited Supervisory Board president of the State-owned large key enterprise of the State Council ,leading Korea's largest sludge disposal enterprise and urban environmental governance consortium

On September 2nd, 2016, vice president and secretary-general of IEEPA, Li Junyang , paid a visit to Zhao Hualin, Supervisory Board president of the State-owned large key enterprises of the State Council ,leading Korea¡¯s largest sludge disposal enterprise EnbioCons CO.,LTD £¬EMSUS Co., Ltd. and urban environmental governance consortium.

Li Junyang introduced related arrangements for the Korea party enterprises consortium to Zhao Hualin. Zhao Hualin President pointed out that it is very promising that Chinese and Korean enterprises cooperate to develop in overseas markets.  

Cooperation of Korean enterprises and China¡¯s State-owned enterprise can complement each other in the way of funds, technology, and market aspects. Zhao also voiced support for enterprise Consortium and have proposed the " Belt and Road investment and project layout strategic cooperation", which IEEPA and Korean enterprises consortium put forward.

Zhao served as President Director for the Ministry of Environmental Protection and planning, and as a Director of fiscal, is a well-known expert in the industry, having supported IEEPA¡¯s work for many years.

Today¡¯s visit is also an output of " Chinese  and South Korean urban environment governance  technology and project cooperation meeting ,which put forward using from South Korea''s guarantee of  success system for reference to solve the bottleneck for the development of energy conservation and environmental protection industry in China, to implement the PPP pattern promotion conference ",which was held on March 27th, 2016, hosted by the China environmental science society, IEEPA, and Daegu Environmental Corporation, undertaken by IEEPA and Korean Enbio co., LTD , in effort of both China and South Korea¡¯s city government and industry organizations.

Korean party enterprises consortium included: president of EMSUS Co.,Ltd. ,president of EnbioCons CO.,Ltd. ,and staffs of two companies.

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