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WEC the 6th International Carbon-Value Award Honorary Ceremony was held in Beijing

On Jan 13, 2017, the 2016 Annual Summit on Green and Low-Carbon Transformational Development and the 6th International Carbon-Value Award Honorary Ceremony was held in Beijing. State Council Counsellors, academicians of the Chinese Engineering Academy, experts from Tsinghua University, Peking University and officials from embassies of 21 countries and United Nations Human Settlements Programme, World Bank ,and nearly 100 entrepreneurs attended the annual summit.3 individuals and 22 enterprises won the International Carbon-Value Award.

There are 5 quotas under every subcategory of ¡°International Carbon-Value Award¡±.30 enterprises are nominated in this session, where the winners are from. The selection of International Carbon-Value Award will be executed in accordance with the standard of ¡®carbon transformation, carbon development efficiency, carbon social value¡¯, and the winners shall be the best players of such standard, and be awarded respectively.

Every year the International Carbon-Value Award campaign promotes the spirit of a low carbon and green life by encouraging enterprises from all sectors to participate in the sharing of successful cases for low-carbon development worldwide. By advocating ecological civilization and sustainable development, the International Carbon-Value Award campaign encourages all societies to embrace the curbing of climate change and fulfill their social responsibility while making a concrete effort to realize green development and facilitate a low carbon transformation towards a green civilization.

Hao Jiming, president of IEEPA¡¢Academician of the Chinese Engineering Academy¡¢State Environmental consultant, made an opening speech representing the host. And he delivered a speech themed ¡±strengthening the concept of green development, paying special attention to the key regional atmospheric pollution control research¡±. He stated that 2016 is a special year in our state¡¯s environmental career development, during which the State Council and its departments especially the Environmental Protection Department£¬have carried out several new actions governing the environmental pollution and promoting the environmental improvement. Even though, there is a long way to go to improve our environment£¬not only the environmental protection departments, but also the whole society should work together.

Tang Xiaoyan, IEEPA¡¯s chief advisor and senior academician, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering£¬Du Xiangwan, IEEPA¡¯s chief advisor ¡¢academician of the Chinese Engineering Academy¡¢Former Vice Dean of Chinese Engineering Academy and Xu Shanda, former vice director of State Administration of Taxation ,delivered reports in their own field .

A low-carbon life should not just be driven by social responsibility, but should also be market-oriented, said Li Junyang, vice president and general secretary of the International Ecological Economy Promotion Association (IEEPA).

In the past five years over 160 corporations have been recognized for their leadership and active action in creating examples in the strive towards a more beautiful planet.  The ICA has gained a significant influence in the international society£¬becoming a widely recognized award in green, low-carbon and environmental protection field.

Xu Lianjie ,vice chairman of the board and CEO of Hengan Group Ltd., Bai Ruiping, chairman of the board of China Minsheng New Energy Investment Co.,Ltd, and Tang Leping, general manager of Tongfang Co., Ltd. won the 2016 International Carbon-Value Award-Pioneers of Green and Low-Carbon Transformational Development.

Xu Lianjie ,vice chairman of the board and CEO of Hengan Group Ltd.

Award-winning reason: He set up Hengan company in the May of 1985£¨He set up Hengan group in 1992£©£¬he made his own efforts to the social development and revolution while leading Hengan people getting one and another achievements.He was the vice president of ALL-China Federation of Industry & Commerce£¬National Model Worker¡¢and National ¡°Outstanding Builder¡±.

Bai Ruiping£¬Chairman of the board of China Minsheng New Energy Investment Co.,Ltd.

Award-winning reason: He successively served as president of subsidiary banks of state-owned¡¢joint-stock banks in several provinces. China Minsheng New Energy Investment Co.,Ltd. is a professional investing platform in new energy field of China MinSheng Investment Group. Under his leadership£¬the China Minsheng New Energy Investment Co.,Ltd. has achieved an asset size of over 15 billion yuan in 2 years, with a  ¡°Photovoltaic + Investment¡¢+Wisdom¡¢+ Ecology¡± diversified development pattern£¬and a ¡°party building provides guide¡¢successful model provides demonstration¡¢industries provide support¡± mechanism to take targeted measures to help people lift themselves out of poverty.

Tang Leping,General manager of Tongfang Co., Ltd.

Award-winning reason£ºShe is an expert£¬scholar£¬engineer£¬entrepreneur£¬and businesswoman. She shows her manner as an industry leader. Tongfang Co., Ltd. became the green low-carbon pioneer under her leadership.

BEIJING ELECTRIC VEHICLE MARKETING CO. LTD.,Hengan Group Ltd., and Tongfang Co., Ltd. won the 2016 International Carbon-Value Award- General Award together£»Changsha Broad Group Co., Ltd.¡¢PING AN INSURANCE (GROUP) COMPANY OF CHINA, LTD.¡¢Sinochem Lantian Co., Ltd.,and Guangdong Zhanjiang Government won the 2016 International Carbon-Value Award- Ecological Practice Award£»Guangzhou Liby Enterprise Group Co.¡¢China Power International Development Limited¡¢China Corl Technology & Engineering Group Co., Ltd., and Gome Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. won the 2016 International Carbon-Value Award - Innovative Value Award£»China Eastern Airlines Corporation Limited¡¢Baidu Inc.¡¢Lenovo Group Co., Ltd won the 2016 International Carbon-Value Award- Social Citizen Award.



The winners of ¡°China Green-Benefit Enterprise Award: Growth Potential ¡± are enterprises from Henan and Shandong.

The honorary unit of 2016 WEC Green and Low Carbon Transformational Development annual summit is : Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor Co., Ltd.

The attendees also include: counselors of the State Council, Jiang Minglin, Ge Zhirong, Liu Zhiren; academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Hou Li'an; Former Vice President of the Central Party School, Li Junru; Deputy Director of National Climate Change Expert Committee, He Jiankun; IEEPA Chief Policy Expert, Former Deputy Director of State Council Three Gorges Office, Former Party Member of Environmental Protection Ministry, Hu Baolin; Vice director of Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee of the 11th National People's Congress, Former Administrative Vice Minister of Ministry of Agriculture, Yin Chengjie; Former Vice Proprieter of Xinhua News Agency, Ma Shengrong and so on.

Attendees from embassies include : Faisal Mohammed, Maldives¡¯s ambassador to China; Jung Bokyeong, minister and councellor of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea   ; Rhenita B. Rodriguez, economic minister of Embassy of the Philippines; McArios A. Akanbong, minister of Embassy of Ghana; Zhang Zhenshan, United Nations Human Settlements Programme¡¯s Representative in China; Christine Rossi, political counsellor of South African Embassy; Shozab Abbas, political counsellor of Embassy of Pakistan; Samantha Toh, head of environmental affairs of Singapore Embassy; and Mark van den Boogaard, deputy head of economic department of the Embassy of the Kingdom of The Netherlands and so on.

Attendees from enterprises include: Chen Fapei, general manager of HENGAN  INTERNATIONAL GROUP CO.,LTD; Zhao Yazhou, vice general manager of CHINA POWER INTERNATIONAL HOLDING LTD;Wang Hong, vice general manager of CHINA COAL TECHNOLOGY &ENGINEERING GROUP;Bai Ruiping, Chairman of the board of CHINA MINSHENG NEW ENERGY INVESTMENT GROUP LIMITED;Tang Leping, general manager of TONGFANG ENVIRONMENT CO., LTD;Tang Fen, president  of BROAD HOMES INDUSTRIAL GROUP CO.,LTD; Yang Zuoyi,vice president  of GUANGZHOU LIBY ENTERPRISE GROUP CO., LTD; Xu Yuling,vice general manager of BLUE MOON (CHINA) CO.,LTD; Lu Hao, vice general manager of BEIJING ELECTRIC VEHICLE MARKETING CO., LTD.; and Zhang Binghua, president of Open Data Center Summit and so on.

The World Economic and Environmental Conference£¨WEC£©originated from the concept of ¡°Green New Deal¡± initiated globally in 2008. The WEC is committed to building a mutually beneficial and win-win platform of climate change¡¢sustainable development and economic growth, leading a transformation towards a green low-carbon sustainable mode, dealing with energy and environmental issues brought by human activity and economic growth globally.

Since 2008,the WEC has been held for six times, with 3 annual summit.9 influential events were held in total, with over 5000 representatives from 60 countries attended. The organizing committee of WEC held "green low-carbon transformational development" annual summit, promoting sustainable development of world economy and environment with a new mode of annual summit.

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