Economic Development and Environmental Sustainability
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IEEPA¡¯s Major functions approved by the government:

(1) Cooperate with the relevant state government departments, call on enterprises from all walks of life to join in promoting the harmonious development of the economy and environment. Establish a platform to share the national policies and information, establish a database of ecological economy technology and product and criteria to evaluate enterprises.

(2) Research will be conducted at home and abroad on feasibility studies and cutting-edge technology in the field of ecological economy, energy conservation and environmental protection. Implementation of the relevant national ecological economic and industrial support policies and actions of the energy conservation and environmental protection will enhance the level of ecological economic development level and promote energy conservation and environmental protection industrialization. It will also promote international economic cooperation and trade and assist the ability construction and talent cultivation, popular science lectures, and professional training.

(3) Promote the technology research, development, communication, promotion, and application in the field of ecological economy. Establish intellectual property sharing and technology with patent licensing priority mechanism. Establish a patent application security system for the industry to popularize and apply technology and products of intellectual property. Carry out the standards, scientific and technological achievements appraisal and demonstration promotion, IP cooperation and trade advisory services.

(4) Build channels for social capital to attract social technological power and money into science and technology. Strengthen ecological economy, energy conservation and environmental protection services and the level of science and technology, implement ecological economy and civilization construction plan, set up regional ecological demonstration promotion system, carry out special investigation and inspection, and organize communication workshops and achievements exhibition.

(5) As an industry association, IEEPA will give suggestions and advice to the government on behalf of the members, provide reference for government formulating policies and implementing major projects, create an ecological economy high-end think-tank, support member enterprises develop better and faster, and organize and implement professional publications.

(6) Guide society to develop an ecological economy, cultivate and support the energy conservation and environmental protection industry as the pillar industry of national economy, improve the ecological and social responsibility of enterprises and individuals, and actively carry out foreign exchange and cooperation. Organize the "World Economic and Environmental Conference ", set up channels of knowledge sharing, experience exchanging and results promotion.

(7) Transfer functions of government social work, undertake the corresponding work commissioned by the government, develop ecological economy and energy conservation and environmental protection industry standards, support and guide the implementation of industrialization measures.

(8) Carry out international education cooperation in economy and environment area, implement talent education and culture cooperation program between Chinese and foreign universities in the field of ecological economy, energy conservation, environmental protection and sustainable development.

(9) Carry out environmental improvement and economic cooperation, international professional talents cultivation, sustainable development, and international exchange of related business.

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