Economic Development and Environmental Sustainability
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Che Shujian£¬senior counselor of the IEEPA consultative council, former special inspector of the state council, came to the IEEPA to guide the work

Che Shujian, Senior counselor of the IEEPA consultative council, former special inspector of the State Council, came to the IEEPA to guide the work. Vice president Lv Keqin and Chief Supervisor Xiao Genwang hosted him. Minister Che inquired about the development of the IEEPA, and had a thorough understanding of the goal, direction and future development plan of the IEEPA on March 29.

Li Junyang, vice president and general secretary of the IEEPA, reported on the work framework of IEEPA for the whole of last year, the achievements and problems encountered of the work. And then he gave a briefing on the work module and the specific division of implementation of the IEEPA in 2017. Minister Che Shujian offered some valuable guidelines and advices.

The IEEPA will bring together various strengths, such as production, academy, research and so on, and make full use the advantage of the platform to Promote the implementation of strategic plan in environmental protection, green, low-carbon, ecological and economic aspects. It insists to be a professional operation organization and an organization benchmark, setting up professional image of the organization. And it will promote the development of green and ecologic industrial chain by working together with member enterprises to build an industry demonstration system.

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