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Cultural history museum of the CPC Central Committee held a forum to inspire Belt and Road civil groups---The Leaders and member company representatives of IEEPA were invited to attend the forum and offered some advices

Cultural history museum of the CPC Central Committee, Counselor Office of the State Council held a forum to inspire Belt and Road civil groups and report to the main leaders of the State Council in north third floor conference room on April 19th 2017. The Leaders and member company representatives of IEEPA were invited to attend the forum and offered some advices.

Belt and Road Forum will be held in Beijing on May 14. Chinese enterprises, including private small and medium-sized enterprises are the backbone to promote the "Belt and Road" strategy. There are still many obstacles for our Chinese enterprises, and especially the biggest obstacle is the monopoly of international oligarchs. The Policies are decentralized and service systems are dragged for the multinational business in China. Our enterprises are not well prepared when faced with these problems, such as international industry habits, legal and cultural differences and so on. The parties offered some advices on these issues.

Promoting of Belt and Road strategy and inspiring Belt and Road civil groups, such as social organizations, Private enterprises, were discussed by the leaders of relevant national ministries on the forum. The experts pointed that we should take full advantage of the civil groups to develop China¡¯s Belt and Road to Global Belt and Road. Many countries sing a symphony in chorus, but not a solo.

The Belt and Road is not only as a national strategy but also as a global strategy with overall planning and positioning, which involves three major fields, infrastructure cooperation, industrial cooperation and import and export trade. We should take different steps and measures to stimulate all walks of life to participate based on the above three fields. Li Junyang, vice president and general secretary of the IEEPA said in his speech.

Li Junyang, vice president and general secretary of the IEEPA proposed the participation of community organizations was enthusiastic at present, but most of them were for fun and there was no more practical way to participate in the view of the social organization. It was suggested that the State should join the social organizations into Blet and Road implementation of civil action programs. Xi Jinping pointed out the five-way construction of Belt and Road, one of which understood between our people. How to promote understood between our people? Firstly, we can encourage social organizations to go out. There were many foreign civil society organizations entered our country to do a lot of work in the last ten years. But there were few Chinese social organizations going abroad, because of institutional and management barriers, lack of vigor and talent, and lack of international experience in our social organizations. There are certain proportions of foreign cooperation and assistance projects achieved through social organizations in developed countries, such as: the United States 24%, the United Kingdom 19%, Australian 16%. It is recommended that the State allocate a certain percentage of the budget to be carried out by qualified social organizations. Which not only play a social organization of non-governmental role, but also enhance and strengthen the capacity of our social organizations.

The cooperation bridge between our enterprises and the companies along Belt and Road will be built with the aid of natural social attribute of overseas social organization.

The IEEPA will take full advantage of social organizations to set up the first representative office abroad of International Development Council Office for the Silk Road economy services in Europe under the leadership of the current president and party organization. And build Silk Road economic data platform for enterprises to provide Blet and Road data and government affairs consulting services.

The IEEPA will promote Blet and Road, Silk Road Economy cooperation on ecological protection, Silk Road economic finance, Cultural ecology tourism folk union, Air Silk Road Economy and so on, under the guidance of government leaders and experts in the future.

Counselor Office of the State Council£¬Cultural history museum of the CPC Central Committee, Special researcher of the State Council£¬West Development Division of National Development and Reform Commission, Policy expert group of National Belt and Road, Monetary Policy Department of the People's Bank of China, Customs Division of State Administration of Customs, State Administration of Foreign Exchange, International Ecological Economy Promotion Association (IEEPA), Silk Road Economy International Development Committee, Silk Road Economy China joint index network, China Chengtong Holdings Group Co. Ltd, Chief Editor of National Policy Consulting, experts and administrators of enterprise were invited to attend the forum.

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