Economic Development and Environmental Sustainability
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Counselors He Guo Bank experts in discussing the economic and financial support during the Silk Road ¡°Issues¡± Conference

May 23rd, 2017. the State Council¡¯s Counselor, the State Council advisory Editorial Board Director, banking experts and other relevant leading experts, and I, vice president and my "Silk Road Economy" International Development Committee , will discuss the issues facing the financial and economic implementation of the Silk Road. We will mainly focus upon how to implement the next step of the financial plan; which is to invite the People's Bank of China and other major banks to participate in the "Silk Road economy" financial platform conference and consultations, as well any other related preparations.

The meeting analyzed the current state of the financial market space and related foreign-exchange policy topics that are relevant to the current state of the ¡°one way¡± preperations.

Counselor Jaing Minglin made concluding remarks on the meeting.

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