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Supervisory Board of the key State-owned enterprises under State Council leadership research, and how to guide the economic platform in further establishing the Xinjiang Alashankou comprehensive conservation project

On May 25, 2017, Zhao Hualin, Chairman of the State Council''s State-owned Key Large-scale Enterprise Supervisory Committee, and Mr. Xiao Genwang, Chairman of the International Eco-Economic Association, went to the Bortala Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture and the Alashankou Comprehensive free trade Zone,  to conduct resarch guidance for the Silk Road Economy Joint index platform construction projects and its basic conditions and status. Participated in the research activities include: Deputy Governor of the  Xinjiang Bortala Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture Alashankou City Government and Alashankou City Free Trade Zone and China Salt Industry Corporation, and other relevant leaders.

At the scene of the research, the research group listened to findings of the related work reports of the border cargo terminal and the cross-border LGP pipeline projects in the Xinjiang Alashankou Comprehensive free trade  Zone. The Oil and Gas Company discussed their own report during a forum for discussion, and discussed how they could administer further investigations and reports.

At the meeting, attendees detailed the progress and future planning for the Xinjiang Alashankou comprehensive free trade zone project, and participants listened to how the petroleum and natural gas company on the project supplied specific data. Chairman Zhao Hualin noted that while the mechanisms of private enterprises is very good; it is also facing a lot of problems, and enterprises need upgrading that will vigorously adjust and optimize the importantance of environmental initiatives relevant to the institution of the ˇ°Silk roadˇ± economic platform. This has very important significance to Alataw pass.

Additionally, the International Eco-Economic Association proposed  to further actively help member companies promote the development of related industries as soon as possible; utilizing a model system of industry associations , which would help achieve maximum efficacy towards completing the core goal of this venture. First, to support the development of member enterprises and their relationships; Second, to accurately grasp the relevant state policies and regulations, and how they pertain to specific industries ; Third,  to help the private enterprises to strengthen their cooperation with state-owned assets; Fourth,  to help enterprises to comprehensively reform their market measures to fully stimulate the inherent power of market cooperation, achieving efficiency in market controls that are issued by enterprises . Key to all of this is to help state-owned enterprises cooperate with privates enterprises, as state owned enterprises are concerned about private enterprises. By strengthening cooperation and promoting industrial development that is equitable, this will achieve a win-win situation for both the private and public sector.

Zhao Hualin associations work to me from the President, State "along the way" construction, summarize the findings, further strengthening the research and development planning of the economic platform of the Silk Road, through all-round cooperation and State-owned enterprises and private, to create civil "along the way" the vanguard of the construction, but also help enterprises achieve better and faster development.

Chairman Zhao Hualin gave a message to the work of our association. It stated that combined with the country''s "all the way along the road" construction,  the summarization of these results of this work research will help further strengthen the research and development of Silk Road economic platform construction planning;  assist in the comprehensive cooperation between state-owned enterprises and private enterprises. This  "Along the way"  construction of an advisory and cooperative committee will not only form the essence of a vanguard which will help lead the project along efficiently, but it will also help enterprises to achieve faster and better development.

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