Economic Development and Environmental Sustainability
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Hao Jiming, President of IEEPA, presides over the leadship meeting and listens to the work report of the secretariat of the association

On September 29, President Hao Jiming presided over the leadership meeting of IEEPA. He heard the work report of the secretariat of the association and met with the representative of the new staff after the meeting. Li Junyang, vice-president and secretary-general, Xiao Genwang, chief supervisor, vice-president, experts and other members of the delegation had attended the meeting.

The leading group of the association presented work report to Hao, which included promoting the ecological economy development report production, promoting ecological public welfare aid plan of action, establishing the Ecological Bank pattern (ECO Bank) whose core concept is that ‘green water and green hills are the precious deposits’, devoting the association to the Belt and Road policy advocacy, establishing ecological economic think-tank and so on.

President Hao Jiming pointed out that the association should make full use of the functions of production, learning, research and using. Moreover, with the support of the government, the association should strongly support the development of enterprises and actively undertake the functions of government transfer. At the same time, party-building should be done well, party organizations should be established, and regular activities should be carried out in order to let the party members play important roles on leading the way. Hao also stressed that the association should make a solid effort on Beijing ecological economic construction and give a demonstration in the whole country.

The leader of the Secretariat also introduced a new department that is in charge of building up a talented team. According to the leader of the Secretariat, this department will recruit 13 well-qualified staff. The working experience of these staff on average will be five years. They should also have a master’s degree on environmental science or related field from Tsinghua University, Peking University or other universities who have the equal condition.At the same time, the association will also recruit two staff who have postdoctoral and international background. To sum up, the aim of this department is to build up a main force to develop Chinese ecological economy.

President Hao Jiming granted an audience to the representatives of the new employees after the meeting. Hao encouraged the new employees to take root in the association, strengthen practice, advance innovation and be dynamic. President Hao Jiming said it is just the right time to build self-realization and serve the society.

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