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The expert group of IEEPA went to Shanxi province to investigate the air pollution control and clean heating project

On August 1, the expert group of the association went to Shanxi province to investigate the air pollution control and clean heating project, and exchange relevant ideas with the environmental projection office of Shanxi province and local government.

In May, four ministries and commissions of the State Council united and launched the pilot work of clean heating in the north area which was supported by the central finance. With the development of the work, this pilot work will be gradually extended to the Midwest in the future. In this context, the members of expert group of the association, including He Keng, chief economist, the council senior counselor, former member of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress and deputy director of the finance committee; Li Junyang, sub-president and secretary-general; Xiao Genwang, chief supervisor and former inspector of the state environmental protection office, expert committee, former deputy director of the general office of National Development and Reform Commission, was accompanied by the members of the leading group of electric power construction in Shanxi province, the general manager of Shanxi electric power company of China Power, and the head of cogeneration renovation project to conduct a field visit. At the meantime, the expert group also held a conference with the local government to exchange opinions.

After the investigation, the expert group exchanged advice and opinions with the local officials, such as party secretary of the Environmental Protection Bureau of Shanxi province, director general Wang Chengwen, deputy director general Hao Yanwei and Luo Rencai, the vice director of the general office of the atmospheric pollution control.

The expert group paid a visit to the project.

In March, the State Council held Xishan meeting. Premier Li Keqiang made an important instruction on the report ‘a Battle for Blue Sky’ which was delivered by Hao Jiming, president of IEEPA and academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. Hao is the leader of the national expert teams of ‘a Battle for Blue Sky’ and is responsible for the overall plan of premier special fund which supports ‘a Battle for Blue Sky’. IEEPA will also play an important role in the implementation of ‘a Battle for Blue Sky’. IEEPA will conduct field study and coordinate with qualified local governments to implement the project. Meanwhile, IEEPA will make advantages on the project demonstration and make effort to make the project to be the good sample project on clean heating and environmental protection.

IEEPA is a social group which focuses on ecological economy and energy sustainable development. IEEPA has the advantages of professionalism, cross-industry, and overall development. The main purpose of IEEPA is to promote the economic and environmental sustainable development. The main target of IEEPA is to implement the sustainable development policy formulated by The Central Committee and the State Council to promote energy sustainable development strategy and to be responsible for social work and transfer the government functions.  

Background information:

On May 16, 2017, in order to implement the important speech spirit of ‘Promoting Clean Heating in North Areas during Winter Seasons’and the work of government work report ‘a Battle for Blue Sky’, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Ministry of Environmental Protection and National Energy Administration decided to carry out the clean heating pilot work which is supported by the central finance in the north areas.

The pilot cities which are supported by the central finance will work on replacing coal heating by clean heating. Meanwhile, these cities will also need to carry out energy-saving renovation of existing buildings, to encourage local government to develop innovation system and improve the policies, to attract investment from enterprise and society, to achieve the accomplishments that replace all the coal heating by clean heating. The pilot will last three years, and the standard of subsidies which are supported by central finance will be paid by the city scale. The municipality directly under the central government will receive 1 billion yuan each year. Provincial capital will receive 700 million yuan each year. Prefecture-level cities will receive 500 million yuan each year. The pilot cities will be select through local voluntary declaration and competitive assessment. Pilot work will strongly support Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region and neighboring areas ‘2+26’ cities and will also support the cities which have good foundation, clear financial expense, clear target, and innovation system.

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