Economic Development and Environmental Sustainability
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Beijing Initiative

Promoting the Green and Low-Carbon Transformational Development of the World, and Establishing a Global Ecological Aid System

With a history of 2000 years, the Silk Road spirit embodying peace and cooperation, openness and inclusiveness, mutual learning, and mutual benefits is rejuvenated under the "Belt and Road Initiative". Through the new road for interconnection, states along the Silk Road are breaking barriers and promoting policy coordination, facilities connectivity, unimpeded trade, financial integration, which injects new vitality into the world economy. The Belt and Road belongs to the world, and the world calls for blue water and sky!

However, it is still extremely challenging for the world to achieve blue water and sky by now, and people throughout the world are living in an environment calling for urgent improvement. The persistence of poverty, the social gap that is far from narrowing, and the disorganized economic development and human activities result in ecological pollution that cause huge environmental costs and survival crisis, leaving the nature being destroyed by human beings in large scale. Famine causes drought, and the severe ecology reality engulfs countless homes. In this context,

We have to reconsider the relationship between the environment and development, and think about policies and systems for balancing the ecological environment and economic development.

In order to promote the green and low-carbon transformational development of the world and to establish a global ecological aid system, it is time for every one of us to make our contributions for ecological system aid for the earth, for the world, for our country, for the people, and for our homes.

Therefore, we make this Initiative to call for the government, the industrial community, research institutions, social organizations, and individuals from all countries to work constantly and explore actively a road of "Belt and Road, Blue Water and Sky" for all the people on the world, i.e. a road of sustainable development reaching to the far future and supporting the civilization and prosperity of human beings.

We call for:

Governments of all countries to seek the "biggest common denominator" for ecological protection and environment responsibility by formulating policies and systems integrating the environmental capacity with economic development, thereby reaching the objective of sustainable development by strategies on the national level. On the principles of ecological and environmental protection, pay attention to the protection of biological diversity and the prevention and control of systematic environment risks; promulgate laws and regulations to implement strict environmental quality standards, control the discharge of industrial wastes, and greatly reduce air and water pollution; encourage the research and development of ecological and environmental protection and of low-carbon technologies, and promote the use of clean energy and technologies; and innovate the ecological and green financial system to support ecological cities and human residential environment construction projects.

Under the irreversible trend of globalization, the vision of "mutual survival, mutual prosperity, and mutual benefits" for all human beings may be achieved only if the governments of all countries follow the globalization idea of green and low-carbon development and choose a development pattern with equal emphasis on both economic benefits and ecological environment.

We call for:

Enterprises to proactively take their responsibilities for ecological protection and for green and low-carbon development in their production, operation, industrial investment. Playing a vital role in economic development, entrepreneurs have a mission of "doing business by honorable means and for the benefits of all human beings" to follow the ecological requirements and procedural norms of the countries in which they operate, follow the standards of environment quality and pollutant discharge, and integrate social interests and ecological interests with economic interests, so as to promote the joint development of the economy and environment and the sustainable prosperity of human beings while achieving the market values and social values of enterprises.

We call for:

Social organizations and the middle force to proactively participate in the global ecological protection and environment administration, to play the role of ecological ambassadors at home and abroad, proactively participate in the establishment of a global ecological aid system, act as a steady bridge for the communication among the governments, the public, and the market, enhance social supervision on ecology and environment, detect and investigate acts of damaging the ecology and environment pollution, disseminate and promote ecological ideas, improve the awareness of environmental protection for the public, guide and influence acts of enterprises, drive all forces of society to actively practice their social responsibilities, and promote the harmonious development between human beings and the nature, so as to make their contributions for the objective of "blue water and sky."

We call for:

Every citizen to improve their own awareness of ecological and environment protection and their sense of social responsibilities, to practice in a green and low-carbon manner, and to uphold the idea of ecological civilization. Every person has their expectation for beautiful lives. Since it is related to the development direction of the world, we need to make our contributions like butterflies shake their wings to initiate an endless hurricane of ecological protection throughout the world for the purpose of achieving our global objective of blue water and sky.

We believe that individual sparks can result in a prairie fire. If all the governments, enterprises, and citizens take their actions, we will definitely create a beautiful future with ecological economy and highly developed civilization for all human beings.


The new journey has started. Let's play the global music of "Belt and Road, Blue Water and Sky" together, let's work together to create a future that is more fair, greener, and safer, and lets jointly proceed to promote the unification between human development and the law of nature and create an endless and prosperous future.

Let's joint the green and low-carbon transformational development of the world with our practices in an effort to create a strong global ecological aid system for areas suffering from poverty and severe living conditions!

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