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International Ecological Economy Promotion Association organizes experts to investigate waste resource reuse projects

   On April 11, 2018, the International Ecological Economy Association organized experts to Wulanchabu, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, to investigate the re-utilization of local enterprise waste resources. The expert group was composed of the Chief Consultant, the Deputy Director of the State Council and the former Deputy Director of the State Building Materials Industry Bureau, Jiang Minglin, the leader of the expert group and the raw material of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Zhou Changyi, Director of Materials Industry Department, deputy head of the expert group, and Secretary General of the China Ferro Alloy Industry Association, Shi Wanli, led by the SASAC.

    The expert group visited the alloy production plant, the powder alloy factory area, the production line and the exhibition hall of the waste resources re-utilization project of the Huade County Economic Development Zone. The project is located in the Chang Shun Industrial Park, which produces 1 million tons of alloy annually in Huade county. It is used in the local purchase of nickel iron, chrome iron, silicon manganese, waste residue and alloy waste produced in the park. The production market needs different kinds of alloy billets and alloy powders, extending industrial chain, reducing transportation costs and achieving a win-win situation.    

    Through investigation, experts agree that the project conforms to the requirements of China''s industrial policy and the sustainable development of the Midwest, in line with the development rules of the ferroalloy market and in line with the development requirements of the project units. Moreover, the construction of the project is mature, the location of the site is reasonable, the design plan is careful, the production process is reliable, and the environmental protection is environmentally friendly. The measures are effective, the ability to resist risks is strong, and the economic benefits are considerable.

    At the same time, we should make full use of the advantages of local resources, build a reliable and advanced alloy powder and alloy production line, transform the advantages of resources into economic advantages, conform to the policies of the national and the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region industrial development, and meet the needs of the local economic development, and do not produce the industry that seriously affects the environment in the process of production. "Three wastes", the ecosystem is controllable, and the social benefits are obvious.

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