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Yin Yong, the Vice Mayor of the Beijing Municipal Government and a Member of the Ruling Party, met with members of the International Ecological Economic Promotion Association.

Yin Yong, the Vice Mayor of the Beijing Municipal Government and a Member of the Ruling Party, met with members of the International Ecological Economic Promotion Association.

On April 3, 2018, the Vice Mayor of Beijing Municipal Government and Member of the Ruling Party Yin Yong met with the president of the International Ecological Economic Promotion Association (IEEPA) Hao Jiming, and with the full-time vice president Li Junyang in the meeting hall of the North Tower of the Municipal Government Buildings. The Vice Mayor was accompanied by the deputy local committee member of the Commerce Committee of the city and the office of the Municipal Government.


Vice Mayor Yin Yong made it clear that the city government will further strengthen their support the work of the IEEPA based on capital and international development. He said he would work to promote the Association to make better contributions to the construction of the Capital and the Country''''s ecological environment and economic sustainability.

President Hao Jiming expressed his gratitude to the City Government for its development and thanked the deputy mayor for his support. He talked about how the IEEPA as the only organization with the banner of "International Ecology" in its title should aim to promote the construction of ecological civilization and promote the sustainable development of the economy and the environment. He talked about how the task of the Municipal Government would be completed with the participation and support of the high-end talents of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the expertise of the academics of the two institutions.

During the meeting, Vice Mayor Yin Yong introduced to IEEPA the new government leadership of the city of Beijing. He talked about the development plan of the new functional areas of the city and encouraged the Association to continue to build the capabilities of their organization so as to build an international ecological economic development platform for the capital in the social work, to better serve the City, the Party Central Committee, and State.


Li Junyang, the full-time Vice President and Secretary General, reported that under the leadership of President Hao Jiming and under the support and cooperation of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Tsinghua University, and the Beijing Municipal Business Commission, the IEEPA has for a long period made achievements in the fields of policy proposals, public welfare innovation, international flow, and ecological assistance, for example;

In April 2017, the State Council in joint efforts of many counselor said they would put forward the "active participation of the Civil Society in the Belt and Road Construction" policy. This policy received the attention and affirmation of the leadership and the Prime Minister.  

In June 2017, President Hao Jiming personally led a team to the Geneva International Office of the Geneva Planning Association of Switzerland where he met with ehw Chinese Ambassador to Switzerland as well as attending the "The Belt and Road and Switzerland" forum. He visited the United Nations Environment Building and the United Nations Environment Programme of Economic and Trade Office.

He conducted docking meetings with the Department of Economy and Trade and the International Institute for Sustainable Development of Canada to establish a long-term mechanism for the development of ecological economy and international environmental cooperation called the "blue sky and blue sky action" initiated by the IEEPA in September 2017 and became the "nineteen major" public welfare project selected for the public service exhibition project by a Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China.

President Hao Jiming is has directing association with, and actively participated in the national air pollution prevention and control work, especially the action plan of the ˇ°blue sky defense warˇ± by the State Council. The association holds an annual conference at the World Economic and Environmental Conference (WEC)ˇŁOn January 26 2018 the Seventh WEC conference was help where IEEPA was represented at the VIP round table. The theme of the conference was ˇ°The Belt and Roadˇ±. Among other attendees were vice chairman Ding Zhongli of the National People''''s Congress, the president of the General Assembly, the Executive Chairman, China Academy of Engineering, congress presidium from more than ten ministerial leaders, academicians, representatives from 25 countries as well as high level diplomats from China. The conference issued the Beijing initiative of "promoting the world''''s green low-carbon development and transformation and building a global ecological assistance system".

Li Junyang''''s full-time vice president and secretary general of IEEPA also reported the recent work plan that included actively exploration of ˇ°green mountains and green hillsˇ± in the "Jinshan Yinshan" - an ecological economic research project on the bank model platform. The construction of the ecological city economic development industry relies on advanced technology and application enterprise database, and so on. He expressed hope that in future developments, under the guidance and support of the municipal government and under the committee, we would actively undertake the relevant government advisory projects and work to give full play to the value of the high end resources of the government.

Vice mayor Yin Yong expressed affirmation of the work done by the IEEPA in the development of the capital, the ecological economy and cooperation in recent years. At the same time, he indicated his support for further cooperation with the IEEPA on future projects in collaboration with the city government.


In the course of the photo, the young expert scholar official, the vice mayor Yin Yong and the elder President Hao Jiming were very cordial with each other as they are captured in this picture.

Before serving as the deputy mayor of the Beijing Municipal People''''s government and the members of the Ruling Party, Yin Yong was an assistant vice president and committee member of the people''''s Bank of China and a prominent young leading cadre of experts and scholars.

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