Economic Development and Environmental Sustainability
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Our association lead in cooperation with the Environmental Development Center of the Ministry of Ecological Environment to hold an assessment meeting of Scientific and Technological Achievements of member enterprises.

On April 10, 2018, the International Ecological Economy Promotion Association held a conference, led in cooperation with the Environmental Ecological Environment Development Center that organized an assessment of  "molten silicate salinization oxygen-enriched combustion method of recycling of waste mixed salt technology" for scientific and technological achievements in regards to member ingenuity.

Our association will grow the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Environmental and Fashion & Textile Department. Director of International Ecological Economy Promotion Association environmental impact assessment team, Institute of Environmental Science and Engineering, dean of Tsinghua University, Hao Ji-ming, presided over the meeting as well as an expert committee of the state council, deputy director of the advisory, former Deputy Director of National Building Materials Industry Bureau, Counsellor Jiang Minglin, Chinese Academy of Engineering, auxiliary member of Military Logistics, director of the Institute of Science and Technology Hou Li-an, National Industry and Information Technology, raw materials industrial company Zhou Changyi, professors, and international students.


Jin Dongping, an expert member of the State Economic Association, is developing the Department of the Ministry of Ecological Environment.


Main experts, Wang,Qun-hui a professor at the University of Beijing, Science and Technology, National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) distinguished experts, Li Hui-quan, a professor of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the National Center for Ecological Environment of Solid Waste and Chemical Management Technology senior engineer and professor of China University of Geosciences, Jin Xiao-Qin Elgin Industry experts as project assessment team members to attend the meeting, such as the National Ecological Environment Science and Technology Development Center, deputy director of the Liu Zun-wen on behalf of the organizers of the welcome speech and summarizing the results of the conference to actively promote the project technology for industrial development in the field of Ecological Environmental Protection in our country.


"Molten silicate salinization oxygen-enriched combustion method of recycling of waste mixed salt technology" is a way for waste from pharmaceutical, chemical fertilizer industry waste generated by the mixed salt to effectively deal with the recycling technology, can realize the innocent treatment of heavy metal, improve the extent of the mixed salt waste resource utilization, has the good market application prospect. After the study and discussion of the meeting, the expert evaluation committee unanimously agreed that the result passed the technical evaluation and reached the leading level in China under certain conditions.

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