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IEEPA meets with ADB¡¯s Country Director for PRC

On the November 11th, 2018, the International Ecological Economy Promotion Association (IEEPA) Executive Vice President and Secretary-General, Mr. Junyang Li met with Asian Development Bank (ADB) Country Director for PRC, Mr. Benedict Bingham. The two sides conducted in-depth communication on further strengthening exchanges and collaborations, exploring multidimensional and multidisciplinary innovation and collaborations mechanisms, and jointly promoting and protecting ecological environment.

Mr. Junyang Li reviewed the interaction and collaborations between IEEPA and ADB in the past, and introduced the development of IEEPA and recent key pilot projects to Mr. Benedict Bingham.

Under the leadership of President Prof. Jiming Hao, Academician of CAE, IEEPA integrates high-level resources such as Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), world-class organizations and research institutes to carrying out international eco-economic collaborations, promoting the development of eco-environmental protection industry, undertaking the transfer of social functions of the government and giving full play to the role of top-level design combined with policy recommendations and project demonstrations.

Meanwhile, IEEPA attaches great importance to promoting the innovation and development of member enterprises£¬ and  cultivates the effective force of China''s ecological economy development. For instance, the ¡°coal mine wind power generation project¡± is a very good combination of economic and environmental benefits. The project not only achieved energy re-utilization, and control of air pollution sources at the same time. At present, there are two pilot projects in Changzhi, Shanxi Province and Jiuquan, Gansu Province, and it can be replicated and promoted throughout China.

Mr. Benedict Bingham welcomed IEEPA''s visit and introduced the core management team and main business areas of ADB in China. Mr. Benedict Bingham also introduced the upcoming new Country Partner Strategy (CPS) of ADB. Mr. Benedict Bingham pointed out that environment is an important business area for ADB, ADB is very pleased to meet with China''s high-level partners such as IEEPA and jointly explore the future direction of collaboration.

The two sides reached a consensus that they will further strengthen communication and collaborations, explore multidimensional and multidisciplinary innovative collaborations mechanisms in sectors such as strategic research, expert consultants, investment and financing, project operation and etc. The two sides will jointly promote the development of international ecological economy.

In the end, Mr. Junyang Li also formally presented to Mr. Benedict Bingham the invitation to World Economic and Environmental Conference, China 100 (WEC China 100). Mr. Benedict Bingham expressed his willingness to actively participate in WEC China 100 and further strengthen collaboration.

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