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IEEPA-SCGM Convening Seminar on ˇ°Demonstration Standards for National Mining Environmental Protection Standard Enterpriseˇ±

On November 30, 2018, in order to promote the development of China''s Green Mine industry towards green, intensive, digital, intelligent, international and healthy sustainable, the Intentional Ecological Economy Promotion Association Special Committee on Green Mine (IEEPA-SCGM) held a seminar in Zhuhai on the theme of "Demonstration Standards for National Mining Environmental Protection Standard Enterprise". The seminar was presided over by Mr Li Junyang, Full-time Vice-President and Secretary-General of IEEPA. Academician Peng Suping, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Director of Energy and Mining Engineering Department; Mr Zhou Changyi, former director of Energy Conservation and Resource Comprehensive Utilization Department of MIIT; Mr Luo Chi, Vice President and Chief Engineer of Shantou Branch of China Urban Planning & Design Institute under MOHURD and heads of IEEPA-SCGM attended the seminar.


IEEPA Secretary-General Mr Li Junyang made a thematic report on "National Green Mine Environmental Protection Standards and High Quality Development - Enterprise Demonstration Standards" (hereinafter referred to as "report"). Mr Li pointed out that in recent years, the state has made great efforts to promote the standardization of environmental protection in traditional mining enterprises, to achieve the transformation of energy saving, emission reduction, clean production, high-quality and green development. However, due to the wide range of green mines, multi-industry and multi-head management at the national level, a large number of policy documents can not be organically integrated, although the relevant construction standard documents have been issued, a specific implementation guidance is still missing. The report collects guidance and normative documents from various ministries and commissions, including laws, regulations, guidelines, normative and standards and international advanced experience, to form a top-level design scheme for green mine, which will serve as a triple goal of guiding enterprises, leading industries and guiding the implementation of green mine demonstration projects in the future.

Academician Peng Suping highly appraised the work of IEEPA-SCGM and the significance of the Report. Academician Peng addressed that sand and gravel belong to the middle and low end of the value chain in traditional mining industry and are highly related to environmental damage. In recent years, the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology have strengthened their restrictions on the sand industry. In this case, the sand & stone industry has reached a situation where it can not develop without transformation. We must make up our minds to change the development mode, from extensive development mode to intensive, large-scale, underground & semi-underground, mechanized, intelligent,and top-grade development mode, to transform the low-end sector into high-end sector, and to make the industrial chain long and complete.

Zhou Changyi pointed out that the scope of application of the Report could be extended from the sand & stone industry to other mining industry sectors. Mr Zhou pointed out that the mine tailing pond itself is a huge hidden danger. We should take 100% recycling as the design goal from the time of design and construction to achieve zero tailing, zero emissions and zero pollution. Mr Zhou also pointed out that there are a large number of municipal construction waste in China that need to be disposed of at present. The utilization of construction waste as a resource instead of natural sand & stone mining, and participation in the coordinated disposal of municipal solid waste, have great market prospects.

Luo Chi pointed out that at Zhuhai is proposing to build a "New Special Zone of Ecological Civilization". The position of the green mine demonstration project in Zhuhai is in line. At the same time, relevant mining enterprises requires high-end development path, and must to set up standard and benchmark. Zhuhai also has innate advantages in water transport, Xijiang is connected with the inland of Guangxi, Gaolan Port is connected with overseas waterways, which is conducive to the "going out" of sand & stone enterprises. In the chapter of promoting regional sustainable development and giving play to the synergistic effect, it is pointed out that the implementation of the comprehensive utilization planning of urban mineral resources can be coordinated with the implementation of the planning of Zhuhai and ˇ°Guangdong, Hong Kong & Macao Bay Areaˇ±. Increased land use in urban planning brings new classification and direction, and brings new value in urban planning, which is particularly important.

At the end of the meeting, all experts unanimously supported that through the publication of the Report as well as a series of books and the implementation of green mine demonstration projects, IEEPA-SCGM will act as the leader, following the principle of the utility - oriented report, build a guideline for the high-quality development of the whole industry, vigorously promote the industry reformation.


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